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Citizens About Responsible Planning (CARP) was recently formed in Long Beach, California when concerned citizens came together in response to significant planning and zoning decisions by the City Council that will undoubtedly impact the quality of life and environment for residents throughout the city.

CARP is determined to defend our communities, our environment, and our rights as citizens.  CARP demands responsible city planning: including transparent processes which are fair, responsive, conform to enacted laws, and respect and avoid threatening the quality of life in our communities.

CHALLENGE   All our planning concerns were violated by both substance and procedures of three big decisions made (with attending public allowed to comment only once, for a brief three minutes, on all the nine enabling motions) by the Long Beach City Council on Nov. 10 and 17, 2015:

– Approval of a high-density residential development project, termed Riverwalk, over five miles north of downtown Long Beach but of a density unprecedented outside downtown.

The Riverwalk project would put 131 3-to-5-bedroom single-family units on 10.6 acres on the former Will J. Reid Boy Scout Camp (address: 4747 Daisy Ave., Long Beach 90805).  To the project’s west are the LA River corridor’s wetlands and trails; to the south is the Union Pacific Railway; to north and east, providing auto access to the project, is a quiet residential neighborhood south and west of Del Amo and Long Beach boulevards.   The project’s density and inevitable traffic impacts conflict with this neighborhood’s life quality.

– Approval – with notice given only to the immediate area of the Riverwalk project (rather than the legally required citywide scope) – of a substantial change to the entire city’s decades-old residential zoning framework (i.e. menu of allowed zoning options).  This change, if unchallenged, will routinely allow a very-high-density ‘planned unit development’ (PUD) on any plot of 4.5 acres or more anywhere in the city, without regard to the surrounding neighborhood.   

– Certification of an inadequate Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the Riverwalk project.   This EIR disregards or incredibly minimizes major deficiencies and adverse impacts of the project – including inadequate on-site parking, huge increase to neighborhood traffic (on streets of less than standard width!), stresses on water and power utilities and on police and fire response, and adverse aesthetic and physical environmental impacts on nearby historic trails and wetlands and other natural features of the LA River corridor.

OUR RESPONSE   CARP has filed suit against the City of Long Beach (and thereby also the project developers).  On Dec 18, 2015 a Verified Petition for a Writ of Mandate and Complaint for Declaratory and Injunctive Relief was filed under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).   CARP is asking the court to reverse all project-related approvals, actions, resolutions, ordinances, plan amendments and findings; and to rescind the EIR certification and any authorizations of construction.

HELP US GO FORWARD!   CARP’s legal fund now needs $50,000 for effective legal representation to continue our suit’s challenge to the highly problematic and illegal features of the project, of the project EIR, and of the new PUD zoning.   

Your donation will support more responsible and law-conforming planning citywide.  The City Council has approved a problematic high-density high-impact project with many adverse impacts.  The Council has certified an inadequate EIR, in the face of state law (CEQA) which requires serious and adequate environmental impacts analysis, responsible evaluations and thoughtful remedies.  The Council and management have also violated state law by failing to give due and clear citywide notice of the proposed new citywide-applicable PUD zoning options.  The City Council and management and the developer already have plans for several other high-density PUD sites throughout the city!  

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